MIG Welding Contact Tips: How To Manufacture In Less Time Than Today – Feature Part

The "Feature Part Series" is a quick look at how manufacturing companies around the world are able to make parts faster, more reliably, and with less resources using Modulated Assisted Machining (MAM).  Today we take a look at MIG welding tips, or really any copper welding tip with a feed hole on center. Welding tips are a high volume consumable, so reducing the manufacturing costs by even a small percentage can add up to a significant increase in profit very quickly.  Many manufacturers, OEM or tiered suppliers, have already optimized and balanced the machining process given the existing machine tool technology available today... so how do you squeeze out even more savings?  Look to new manufacturing technologies.

As you probably already know, copper alloys can be a very difficult material to drill given their softness.  Typically you are using a peck drilling cycle to help clear out the non-uniform chips which adds to your cycle time.  Try to increase the feed rate, and chips start build up at the point of the drill increasing the frequency of tool breakage.  Or maybe you are using a expensive cannulated bar stock to make tips and need an alternative machining process that is more cost effective and allows you to be more nimble to the demands of your customers.  Enter a new manufacturing technology called Modulation Assisated Machining (MAM).  Adding MAM into the mix provides a very controlled modulation of the tool in the Z axis allowing you to drill faster with minimal to no pecking, get more life out of your tools, and have a more controlled process that fits into your existing equipment.  The science behind this ground breaking technology started at Purdue University, and after 5 years of development by M4 Sciences has been helping customers around the world with over 100 installations since 2010.

Find out more about how MAM technology in TriboMAM drilling systems works here, or if you are ready to take a test drive now to make your parts simply request a quote.

Watch copper being drilled with and without TriboMAM technology.