M4 Sciences Announces Issuance of US Patent for Modulation-Assisted Machining Feedback Control

M4 Sciences LLC, a manufacturing technology company providing drilling systems that are up to 5 times faster than conventional approaches, has announced that the US Patent Office has issued a new patent related to the company's TriboMAM drilling systems.  The company has recently released a next generation embedded micro-controller, enabling the first implementation of the process level feedback control for Modulation-Assisted Machining (MAM) systems.

James Mann (CEO & founder) co-authored the patent with former M4 Sciences colleagues Christopher Saldana (Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech University) and Wilfredo Moscoso-Kingsley (Assistant Professor Wichita State University). The patented feedback control methods enable advancements in machining product capabilities such as real time diagnostics and monitoring processes stability.  “This new patent marks an important step for our product development and an engineering achievement for M4 Sciences.  The ability to use feedback control in TriboMAM systems is a critical part of our product capability which will provide our customers with more reliable machining solutions”, said James Mann.

Patent US 8,694,133 B2