Live Tool Drilling

New TriboMAM Technology For Live Machine Tools And Gun Drilling Machines

TriboMAM Live Overview

Do you have deep hole drilling application that requires the use of a live machine or gun drilling machine? If so, the TriboMAM Live can be integrated into most machines and provide the same great benefits of up to 5x faster cycle times and double the tool life. The entire body of the TriboMAM Live is rotated by the spindle, while the electrical and coolant thru connections remain stationary on the back end.


TriboMAM Gun Drilling Machine Systems

Hole Diameter Range

0.5 - 8.0 mm
0.02 - 0.31 in

TriboMAM Model

Meso Live


Max. Operation

0.04 mm/rev each flute
0.0016 in/rev each flute

7,000 rpm


ER16 collet
1.0 - 10.0 mm drill shank