Gun Drill Or Twist Drill
From 0.2 - 12.0 mm Diameter Holes
In The Most Difficult Materials


5X Faster Drilling

Reduce your cycle times.
Our customers realize 2x to 5x faster cycle times.


2X The Tool Life

Drills last longer.
More efficient lubrication means longer tool life.


Better Surface Finish

Smoother Holes.
Modulation and better chip evacuation can improve finish.


Reliable Process

Improved Quality.
Customers commonly find they have more control over the process.



MEC Controller

Simply enter the drill size with feedrate and the control uses patented algorithms to determine the appropriate frequency and travel to modulate the tool in a highly controlled manner. Optionally run up to 4 TriboMAM drilling actuators on one controller by M code triggering from the machine's control.



Mounts in your machine just like an ER collet extender and provides hook-up for high pressure coolant. Custom peizo-electric TriboMAMs are designed to withstand the riggors of machining for years. Various configurations provide solutions for most machine types and work envelopes.

Installs Easily On Most Style Lathes


One Hour Install On Swiss Lathes

Simply place the TriboMAM in the tool holder, feed the coax electrical cable out the machine, and connect to the TriboMAM MEC controller on top of or next to your machine.


Turret Installation With Rotary Coupling

Optional rotary coupling is available for turret lathes, or with enough cable slack the turret can be limited to just 2-3 stations of rotation without a coupling.