The Ultimate Resource List For Gun Drilling

Here at M4 Sciences we take pride in helping people with their gun drilling applications and are constantly keeping up on the latest deep hole drilling technology.  Gun drilling seems to be a bit of a lost art that is making a strong resurgence as its found to be a reliable way to drill precise deep holes in a variety of materials.  As we embark on creating new helpful information via our blog, I thought it would be a good place to start by organizing all the useful gun drilling resources that are available to you right now.  Whether you are a newbie or a rock star, hopefully you'll find the list useful.

Professor Viktor P. Astakhov

Long list of gun drilling resources including advanced technical papers, helpful articles, and various industry links.

Gun Drilling on Swiss Type Machines | Sterling Gun Drills

Helpful article introducing gun drilling on swiss lathes.

High Pressure Coolant Chart by Hole Diameter | Sterling Gun Drills

Good starting point for gun drilling coolant flow and pressure, plus spraymist alternative.

Gunning For Better Results In Deep Hole Drilling | Unisig

Published article covering the benefits of gun drilling.

Gundrilling Problem Solutions: Research Report | Professor Viktor P. Astakhov

Detailed troubleshooting report that may help you with some of you problems.

Gun Drilling Technical Support | Drill Masters Eldorado

Very comprehensive source of information on gun drill tooling and proper usage.

Gun Drill Solutions On Swiss Lathes | REM Tsugami

Detailed article about gun drilling on a swiss lathes and the proper setup.

Gun Drill Process Video and How To Spec | Guhring

Video on gun drilling process and how to spec gun drills.

Gun Drill Tooling Manufacturers

Links to the top gun drill tooling manufacturers.
BTA Heller
Drill Masters Eldorado

Modulation Assisted Machining with Gun Drills | M4 Sciences

Of course I had to include our own research and technical papers on MAM and gun drilling.
MAM technology and gun drilling